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Oil And Gas Funding Drives Texas - 1392 Words

There is no question, oil and gas funding drives Texas political and economic atmosphere. Oil tycoons contribute to political campaigns and fund lobbyists in order to expedite favorable bills in both state and national legislatures. The Texas Legislature passes hundreds of bills while in session and the 84th legislature was in session last summer. The 84th session showed Texas constituents just how quickly they move when motivated and just how powerful big oil is. Hydraulic fracturing, fracking, or the process of polluting millions of gallons of water to create a viscous toxic solution that is then highly pressurized and injected thousands of feet below the earth to break apart rocks and release natural gas and oil deposits, was at the†¦show more content†¦This decision would make sense in California but this is Texas, the heart of oil country, and Denton the birthplace of hydraulic fracturing. This sent shockwaves of discontent through the oil industry executive offices an d the homes of oil workers that culminated in a tsunami of media coverage. This prompted lawmakers to jump into action and work feverishly to pass House Bill 40 (HB40) during the next session, the 84th legislature. HB40 banned fracking bans and essentially crushed the voice of the people. After all the Denton drilling moratorium was a culmination of a grassroots campaign that started with city residents creating a group, The Denton Drilling Awareness Group and obtaining enough signatures on a petition (Malewitz, 2014), (Dropkin Henry, 2016). Governor Greg Abbott signed HB40 into law and essentially forced Denton City Council to repeal the city wide fracking ban after Denton citizens worked to stop the noise, pollution, and inevitable damage to city infrastructure (Dropkin Henry, 2016). Several cities have passed fracking or drilling bans for the same reasons. They too will have to repeal any bans enacted in order to comply with HB40. This decision should not come as a surprise to anyone paying attention, as big oil has been funding political candidates for years. The Koch brothers have been funding political campaigns for years and a few years ago got the Wilks brothers involved also. Both families have made billions from fracking previously

From Flesh to Faith - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1556 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/03/21 Category Religion Essay Level High school Tags: Faith Essay Did you like this example? When one thinks of an â€Å"idol† or a â€Å"false god†, many different images can come to mind; images such as: human-like statues, animal-like figures, things made of gold and bronze, money, and items of worth. What doesn’t always come to mind are things like family, friends, popularity, hobbies, electronics, sex, relationships, and the biggest, which is one’s own flesh.? What exactly is an idol then? An idol is literally anything that becomes more important than God. When people think about false gods, the image portrayed is an image of a person bowing down to their false god and worshipping it, which is true. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "From Flesh to Faith" essay for you Create order But bowing down and worshipping false gods can be as little as deciding to look at inappropriate content on one’s phone instead of finding satisfaction in God’s Word. It can be choosing to send that inappropriate photo if that’s what it takes to gain approval. And it can be as little as choosing to sleep in instead of waking up early to go to church. These idols may be small, but anything being put before God is seen as big to Him, the Creator of the things one worships. One can see these idols in their daily lives, but what did idolatry look like in the Israelites Society? What does idolatry look like in American society today? And how do these two completely different societies compare and differ to one another? God speaks a lot about idols and false gods in His Word. In Exodus 20, God speaks to the Israelites and gives them the Ten Commandments. The very first Commandment God speaks on is the commandment of idolatry saying, â€Å"You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth† (Bible, ESV, Ex. 20:3-4). God makes it crystal clear that no gods of any shape or size can be put before him Him . God continues by saying, â€Å"You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God† (Bible, ESV, Ex. 20:5). Not only is God saying not to put anythi ng before Him, but He is saying that they shall not bow down or even serve them. Why is God saying this? The reason God said this is because God is a jealous God. But if God is perfect and sinless, then how is He a â€Å"jealous God†? God can be anything that He wants to be, but in everything He does, He is completely holy and sinless. God isn’t jealous because of something He lacks, wants, or needs. He is a jealous God when His people give to another thing what ultimately and rightly belongs to Him. The Israelites had a habit of turning to other idols and turning their backs on God, even after He delivered them from 400 years of slavery in Egypt. God was with the Israelites and never failed to show them his His sovereignty, yet they were convinced that God was not enough for them, that they needed more. One can see this almost everywhere in American Society today. People live as though God and the world owe them something; and that everything they have is because of something they did to earn it, that they do not need God to guide their steps because they’re fully capable of leading themselves. In the New Testament, Paul says in 1 Corinthians 4:7, â€Å"What do you have that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it?† (Bible, ESV, 1 Corinthians 4:7). Nothing people have is by their own doing, but by God’s doing. Both the Israelites and America today can be compared to one another because they both tend to fall into worshipping the creations over the Creator. Idols always come back to the prioritized flesh of the individual. Though Israelite society and American society can relate in many ways, they can also differ in many ways. One can see the differences in their chosen idols. Both societies idols revolve around the flesh and not God, but the Israelites portrayed theirs through the golden calf that they made with their melted rings and earrings. When God sees the Israelites have made an idol and worshipped it for His original works, God spoke to Moses saying, â€Å"Go down, for your people, whom you brought up out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves. They have turned aside quickly out of the way that I commanded them† (Bible, ESV, Ex. 32:7-8). The biggest take away from this verse is that idols pull people away from the path that God has set for them, and they pull them away quickly. The Israelites took the exact words of God and put them in the mouth of their golden calf, which shows that not only do idols pull people away from God’s path , but they blind people from seeing a nd hearing what only God can do and say. A lot of people in American Society don’t exactly make golden calves to worship over God, but the same type of worship can be seen in the way that one lives their daily life. A very big idol seen today is popularity and desiring the approval of others and wanting that acceptance and worshipping it. This is also known as people pleasing, which can be seen as, people serving; and when one is serving anyone or anything over God, he or she is breaking Gods commandment of not bowing down or serving any other god (Bible, Ex. 20:5). In American society today, the approval of others can be seen as the golden calf that the Israelites worshipped. Society today gives glory not only to the approval of others, but also to the seemingly innocent things, such as cell phones and any electronic devices. Though these devices can make life simpler and more convenient, without a healthy amount of accountability, devices can not only be an idol, but give you the images and freedom to have even more idols all within one. These other idols can range from innocent things such as games, videos, and music, which are all good things in themselves but too much of anything is bad if it is put before God, and even the innocent things, if abused, can become extremely corrupting. Idolatry is a serious matter. It’s very dangerous and can come in all shapes and sizes, and once idolatry becomes a struggle, it will always remain a struggle. One can understand the seriousness of idolatry by just looking at the Israelites in Exodus 32. They watched as the Lord delivered them from 400 years of slavery, they walked on dry ground through the sea that the Lord divided for them, they watched bread fall from the sky because God knew they were hungry, they even drank water from a rock and yet, they still thought that wasn’t enough for them. Their idols could never do what God had done for them but they still ran to what was only temporary. That’s where society today can look back and gain wisdom. Will this world ever be stripped of its idols? No, not until the Lord comes back. Will idols and false gods try leading people away from Gods path? Yes. Can one fight off these idols alone? No, but God can. That’s where these idols and false gods fall short. A false god who could deliver, would not be created by man who couldn’t deliver himself. For the Israelites, that golden calf could not split the sea for them to walk through. For American Society today, the approval of others cannot provide satisf action because the worth of one’s self doesn’t belong to anyone but God. Humans are not big enough or strong enough to tear down these idols, but God is and He has already overcome them, people have just built their idols so tall that they cannot see God for who He really is. People need to realize that only God is enough for them. Nothing or no one can take the place of God in one’s life. True and genuine worship is not viewing God as the one who gives rewards, but viewing God as the Reward. It’s not about what life can give but about what God has already given. Putting these corrupting idols away will require hard work and a lot of sacrifices, maybe even really hard sacrifices such as, relationships, hobbies, the amount of time spent on devices, physical satisfaction, and even friendships. But remember that God sacrificed His own Son so that the people that He loved could have a future and have the freedom to worship the one true God. In order to gain God and his His guidance, one must lose themselves, and their own desires. This may hurt, but God is enough, and He will always be worth losing what was only ever temporary. Works Cited Hooper, Jodi. â€Å"God Gives the Ten Commandments† https://bible.org/seriespage/7-god-gives-ten-commandments-exodus-20-deuteronomy-5 Published 29 June, 2012 Deffinbaugh, Bob. â€Å"Israel’s Worship’ https://bible.org/seriespage/14-israel-s-worship-exodus-201-7 Published 13 May, 2004 ESV Bible. ESV, Crossway, 2016.

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Abandonment and Struggle on a Farm - 1327 Words

Simplicity, especially in poetry, can be an often underrated and overlooked method of conveying a meaningful and extended message. Ted Kooser, an American poet and writer, is well known for his ‘simplistic’ style of writing and has been described as using an â€Å"[H]onest, accessible verse†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Ted Kooser: The Poetry Foundation). Kooser was born in Iowa and now resides in Nebraska. Both Iowa and Nebraska are situated in the Midwestern United States, an area noted for its rural landscape and population. Kooser’s rural background and ‘accessible verse’ are exceedingly evident in his poem â€Å"Abandoned Farmhouse†. The poem is as an observation of an abandoned farmhouse, it infers details about the house and the family that lived in it through†¦show more content†¦The second stanza of the poem introduces the women and her child that she and the man share. This stanza, like the first, is riddled with the use of personification which can be evidenced in the first line â€Å"A woman lived with him, says the bedroom wall/papered with lilacs†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Kooser). A lighter, more positive tone underlies this stanza with the descriptions of the lilac wallpaper and a â€Å"†¦sandbox made from a tractor tire† (Kooser). The theme of struggle is reiterated when the narrator states that â€Å"Money was scarce† and that â€Å"the winters [were] cold† (Kooser). And finally, the last line â€Å"It was lonely here, says the narrow country road† presents the theme of isolation through the use of personification (Kooser). This isolation lends itself to the more prevalent theme of struggle, suggesting that the family has no one else to rely on and is secluded from any possible relief or help. The third and final stanza leaves the reader to come up with his or her own conclusion as to what has happened at the farmhouse. Nonetheless, the narrator does state that â€Å"Something went wron g† thus reintroducing the ominous tone presented in the first stanza and informing the reader that something bad happened (Kooser). The description of the house as ‘empty’ solidifies the theme of abandonment and presents the idea of isolation again.Show MoreRelatedCruelty in animal Farm1259 Words   |  6 PagesThis story Animal Farm by George Orwell is a novel about an animal revolution over an oppressive farmer. The irony in the story comes when the pigs turn into the very thing revolted against. They exhibit the same cruelty by treating the other animals the same or even worse than previous owners. This cycle of cruelty is shown in the Russian revolution by Joseph Stalin who is represented by Napoleon in the story. Cruelty in animal farm is shown by the human’s treatment of the animals, and the animal’sRead MoreEssay about Themes in Animal Farm by George Orwell617 Words   |  3 PagesThere are several themes in Animal Farm, some including: Lea dership and corruption, control of naà ¯ve working class, lies and deception, and dreams and hopes. The main themes in Animal Farm leadership and corruption. Animal Farm portrays the history of the Russian Revolution by retelling the development of communism. In the novel, by overthrowing Mr. Jones, the animals give the power to the pigs who take complete control of the farm. The struggle for superiority between Leon Trotsky, a Russian revolutionaryRead MoreDeclaration of Independence from My Parents1033 Words   |  5 PagesBradley W. McCorkle English 3 Honors Mrs. Colagross 24 May 2013 Formal Speech of â€Å"Animal Farm† By: George Orwell Old Major, a prize-winning boar, gathers the animals of the Manor Farm for a meeting in the big barn. He tells them of a dream he has had in which all animals live together with no human beings to oppress or control them. He tells the animals that they must work toward such a paradise and teaches them a song called â€Å"Beasts of England,† in which his dream vision is lyrically describedRead MoreAnalysis Of Ann Mason s The Wild Trail 1732 Words   |  7 PagesBobbie Ann Mason grew up on her family’s dairy farm outside Mayfield, Kentucky. She expressed a love for books at a young age. After high school, Mason advanced her education at the University of Kentucky, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English. Soon after Ms. Mason received her master’s degree from the University of New York at Binghamton in 1966. She went to college for a third and final time to acquire her Ph.D. in literature from the University of Connecticut. In 1985, she finalize dRead MoreThe Origins Of Current U.s. Food Regulation1559 Words   |  7 Pagesface-to-face with enormous industrial livestock factories which include farm and rural community associations and environmental organizations. Heather claims several these communities delve into fighting against the corporate livestock factories that include farms, community, associations, and environmental organizations. She studies how anti-factory farm battles primarily in the mid-west U.S. deal with underlying struggles against emerging opposing organizations who invest heavily in livestock productionsRead More Tillie Olsens Yonnondio Essay867 Words   |  4 PagesTillie Olsens Yonnondio    In contrast to many other Depression-era novels, in which the teamwork of the common man is seen as societys glue, Tillie Olsens Yonnondio looks with great admiration at one familys struggle to keep above water. Through the travails of a coal-mining/farming family, Anna Holbrook becomes the one constant in a society that turns man against himself, and where fortune is evanescent.    The thirst for something stable is evident as the children show theirRead MoreAn Analysis Of Annie Dillard s An American Childhood1217 Words   |  5 Pagesunbelievers encounter. However, Dillard realises that her judgements occur during a teenage time â€Å"before I had a grain of sense† (199). Yearning for personal autonomy, Dillard’s rebellious attitude manifests itself through a brief period of religious abandonment. Although Dillard arbitrates her beliefs of God, the behaviour of her parents and other surrounding Christians fuel her leaving religion. Annie Dillard, disillusioned by the atrocities around her, bases her earliest theological beliefs on a senseRead MoreThe Frente Sandinista De Liberacià ³n Nacional (Fsln), Or1606 Words   |  7 Pagesit desire. However, the positive results that the Sandinistas brought about confirm that development projects, whilst imperfect, are still worthwhile endeavors. The 1979 Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua was the result of an eighteen-year long struggle against oppression. The Somoza family had held power in Nicaragua since the 1930s and their reign was characterized by the swift and violent suppression of opposition and corruption. The Sandinistas, comprised mainly of young, middle class men andRead MoreEssay on Nikita Khrushchev1575 Words   |  7 Pagespeoplequot; and was charged with a number of crimes including that of careerist and traitor. He confessed, was tried without being present or represented, found guilty and executed.amp;#9; amp;#9;After the elimination of Beria, the succession struggle became more subtle. The rivalry between Malenkov and Khrushchev surfaced publicly through Malenkov’s support for increased production of consumer goods, while Khrushchev stood for the development of heavy industry. On January 1955 Khrushchev calledRead MoreMy First Year Of My Life1552 Words   |  7 Pagesjoy to everyone I met. As a child, people would innocently ask me where I was from, and I would say China without hesitation. Being adopted was merely a fun fact about me, like the birthmark on my leg; however, at age seventeen, I started working at Farm Fresh and began dual enrollment at Regent University, and these two events caused me to discover that adoption is a permanent and significant part of one’s identity. I never before noticed that my â€Å"Asianness† was a rarity. It didn’t matter how American

Discrimination Against Immigrant Labor Essay - 964 Words

The global mobility of human resources between countries is a key driving force of the currently ongoing economic and regional development all over the world. It is indisputable that the immigration of international labour force would exert many positive and important impacts on the economic, cultural and social structure of both migrant-receiving and migrant-sending countries. Actually, the trend of temporary and permanent immigrants increasing in some western countries began to gain momentum in recent years. Organization for Economic Cooperation Development (OECD 2004) reports indicated that there were more than 1 million new immigrants in the United States in 2001 and 2002, increased by 25% from 2000; in some European countries†¦show more content†¦Synchronously, the developing economies such as some Asian and South American regions which exported their experienced workers to the overseas market can also reduce the unemployment pressure that governments must face in long- term period. On the other hand, international remittances are beneficial for both migrant-sending and migrant-receiving countries. Statistics discovered that the international remittances transmitted to the homeland of 35 to 40 million migrant workers are currently estimated to be about US $66 billion per year, and represent the second largest international monetary trade flow, exceeded only by petrol (Sasikumar 2001). For the countries which exported labour to rich countries, they would gain enormous exchange funds from international remittances and regard the money as foreign investment to facilitate their economic development. By contrary, for these migrant-receiving countries, the outflow of vast domestic currency would take away some financial threats such as malignant inflation to a great extend. Nay, the popularization of one countrys currency could also accelerate its economic fluidity and strengthen its economic influence to the other countries. Another significant factor is that in these rich and advanced nations, such as the United States, Canada, Australia and some Middle-EasternShow MoreRelatedThe Struggle of Immigrants in America900 Words   |  4 Pages The Struggle of Immigrants in America The U.S has a prolonged history of discrimination. In the late 17th century, when America declared as a free country, only the white gentility had the privileged of â€Å"freedom† and African American continue their life as slaves for many decades. As the country grows, it became a dream land, a refuge for immigrations fled from their country to seek freedom and pursuit happiness. However, the gene of discriminations stuck deeply in the mind of the early foundingRead MoreThe Past, Canadian Identity, By Hugh Maclennan1486 Words   |  6 PagesBritain, immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Africa have reshaped the Canadian identity. Immigrants built Canada into what it is today. From the Chinese on the Canadian Pacific Railway to the Irish on much of the work on Victoria bridge, and the Italians on the Bloor Street Bridge. However, immigrants face many problems when adapting into Canada. These problems can include cultural differences, difference in political values and beliefs, an d discrimination. But what item can help immigrants adapt intoRead MoreHrm 531 W2 Employment Law Compliance Plan Essay1141 Words   |  5 Pagesthe limousine service located in Austin, Texas. 1. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 2. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 3. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 4. Family and the Medical Leave Act of 1993 5. Sexual Harassment in the Place of Work Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 requires employees to avoid employment discrimination against anyone at least 40 in the United States (Employment Law FirmsRead MoreThe Free Land Is Not Free Essay1505 Words   |  7 PagesThe free land is not free The author of â€Å"In the Land of Free†, Edith Maud Eaton, with pen name Sui Sin Far, was not a direct immigrant from Asia to the United States, but she portrayed the harsh treatment Asian immigrants faced upon entering in the U.S. in the late 1800s.   Sui Sin Far, working as a journalist for Fly Lea, had exposed the extreme injustice done to Asian Americans in U.S. while she was living on the west coast of the United States. In addition,  Sui Sin Far’s narration throughout â€Å"TheRead More Discrimination of Italian Immigrants in American History Essay1188 Words   |  5 PagesDiscrimination of Italian Immigrants in American History Fear is a great motivator in man.   In the 1920s, immigrants were coming over to the United States in mass quantities.   Most of these immigrants were from Southern or Eastern Europe, parts of Asia and Mexico.   Because these groups differed in culture, race, and religion from the majority of White Americans, as the immigrant population increased, so did hostility and displeasure towards them.   Italians made up 11.8%, or 550,460 immigrantsRead MoreUnited States Of The Industrial Era1405 Words   |  6 PagesIndustrial Era, there were twelve million immigrants who longed for the idea of freedom and to live among the free. Many immigrants came to America to live their lifelong dream, but instead they realized that America was not as utopian as it seemed from afar. America had been a countryside agricultural nation and had transformed into an industrial, urban, fast paced life in the city. There was a sudden change from farms to factories in a matter of years. Immigrants t raveling from all over the world toRead MoreIt s Official Second Class Citizenship Goes Into Effect1693 Words   |  7 PagesC-24, which stipulated dual citizens and people who immigrants to Canada can have their citizenship take away while other Canadians who born in Canada cannot. The second-class citizens can be mainly classified into three cases: new immigrants, multi-citizenship holders and the citizens who were not born in Canada. Immigrants land in Canada with dreams and hopes, but the â€Å"General Social Survey 2009 shows that one-fifth of them face discrimination in various situation once they arrived.† Labeled peopleRead MoreThe Rights Of Immigration And Citizenship Essay1564 Words   |  7 PagesThe high presence of immigrants in ‘vulnerable’ labor markets make the pathways for migration and citizenship critical in accessing agency. The legality of labor for immigrants affects the vulnerability of immigrants. The ‘under the table’ natur e of many economic opportunities presented to immigrant populations changes the stability of accumulating capital or creating economic mobility. The ‘off the books’ nature changes the agency to immigrants to gain their wages, protest exploitation and to attainRead MoreThe Problems Of Integration Of Immigrants1300 Words   |  6 PagesThe problems of integration of Immigrants in Canada: What problems did the high skilled immigrant s faces? Introduction Even though the Canada is historically was settled and developed by immigrants, the immigration and integration of migrants are still controversial issues in Canada. Integration is also a multidimensional process involving economic, social, political, and cultural integration. Unfortunately, current immigration policies in Canada’s new economy have primarily focused on economicRead MoreThe Canadian Labor Market Of Canada1274 Words   |  6 PagesThere is a very strong emphasis on human rights systems and laws to address discrimination in Canada. Unfortunately simultaneously, Canadians also have a heritage of racism. It is not targeted only at Aboriginal persons, contrary to a common belief; it is also targeted towards other groups also, consisting of Chinese, African, South Asian, Japanese, Muslim and Jewish Canadians. Even today the Canadian structures and systems are affected by this legacy distressing the lives of everyone and especially

Multicultural Essay Example For Students

Multicultural Essay The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practised without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit which requires mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play. Multicultural Essayism is a policy based on rights and responsibilities, which has been endorsed by Australian governments for managing a unified nation, which is culturally diverse. It is a policy that relies on mutual respect, whereby members of Australias diverse communities respect each others differences. Sydneys Bid for the 2000 Olympic Games promoted the citys cultural diversity. In September 1993, SOCOG Board Vice President and Sydneys Lord Mayor, Frank Sartor, was Quoted: A Sydney Games in 2000 could provide the platform for a millennium of multiracial and multicultural harmony. I couldnt help agreeing with her argument based on what I have seen in my life so far. I have seen blacks harassed in stores and denied housing. At the time I simply felt it was too bad and forgot about it. According to Tatum I was practicing passive racism and I agree with her on that. I have never done anything to try and change the system and I do reap the advantages of being white whether or not I like it. I believe that reading this book has opened my eyes to how much racism still exists in this country that claims to uphold equal rights. Another argument that Tatum discusses is how everybody is prejudiced in one way or another. I also believe this is true, almost everyone I know has made a racist joke or laughed at one at least. I believe that this is because of the way we were raised, when we were young we had questions about other races that remained unanswered. This is another reason why it is hard for me to discuss race openly. Then of course there is influence by our peers that can help or hurt our beliefs. As far as the scientific work on race is concerned I believe that the majority of the scientists had strong racist opinions and feelings before they even started thier research. All of the scientists who wrote the articles in reprint #1 appear to be white and have benefited from the racist society to get into their position in the first place, so why would it be logical for them to publish anything good about minorities that would affairs when people like this who have the power to teach use their power to spread a threaten this system of advantages that they have thrived on. These are the reasons why I think these people could try and pass this stuff of as scientific research. It is a sad state of racist message. These scientists were respected and Im sure their word was taken literally by the general public. These men used their positions to spread their racist views in my opinion. The main points that I have learned from my readings is that the society we live in today is not what it is cracked up to be. Minorities are constantly being taken advantage of and discriminated against. Until this system is changed or at least acknowledged by the majority of people living here these problems will remain. From what I have read and seen in my life the relations between whites and minority groups has gotten better but still has a long way to go before we can truly say that are rights are equal. Bibliography: .

Management and Organisation Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Question: Discuss about theManagement and Organisation for Corporate Governance and Sustainability. Answer: Introduction: In todays era where the economy is uncertain, it is necessary to build a strong ethical environment by practicing corporate governance. An organization comprises of people from different background having similar objective and goals. A company needs a strong manager, to supervise the staff towards completing goals. Managers are one who are responsible for solving the problems and act as a supporting system to the organization. A manager has to fulfill many roles like he has to lead the organization in achieving their targets. He has to get desired work done in good faith of the organization (Sunday, 2012). Modern organization believes in involving employees in the decision making and distributes authority depending on individual interest. Modern organization focuses on achieving individual and group goals (Hatch and Cunliffe, 2013). Managers appear in every organization which wants to succeed. The success of an organization is completely dependent on the working of the managerial force. They have a task to solve issues and set required goals for the organization. Managers are filled with responsibility to achieve desired goals. They are responsible for success and failure of the organization. Hence managers are the coordinator who administers all the resources in order to procure the best result. They have to ensure that the organization is working on the concept of corporate governance (Sunday, 2012). Sustainability has gained importance in recent times. It is been highlighted in all the major global issues. Sustainability is an important concept which highlights environmental, social and global issues it works on a broader concept. It is necessary to understand sustainability in context of the recent corporate atmosphere. The ethical importance of sustainability adds on to the concept of good corporate governance. (Becker, 2011). Sustainability has gained importance in the recent era due to its applicability in daily working. The concept of sustainability is related to the continuity which means that the organization will run for an indefinite period. Secondly it is the orientation which refers to the scientific concept related with the organization. Thirdly the concept of sustainability deals with the fundamental relationship between human and their contemporized world. Sustainability is hence not only continuance but building and maintaining human relationship with the continui ty. Human nature relationships are crucial in the world where the life is dependent subject to change in environment (Aras, 2016). Corporate governance has gained importance in the twenty first century. Organization without a governing strategy faces risk. Corporate governance works on the concept of Accountability, Responsibility, Honesty and Transparency, Integrity, Openness, Mutual respect Performance Evaluation Commitment. Corporate works under a legal framework which is set by the law and the regulatory framework. The company is answerable to its stakeholder for any discrepancy caused in the organization. In 80s and 90s companies were governed by the concept of greed which was trashed in the 21st century due to increasing importance of the concept of good governance. Hence corporate governance is the combined statutory and non statutory effort made by the directors and the board (Calder, 2008).Business ethics focuses on what is right and what is wrong. Due to changing business environment there is a need to look into the ethical matters. Business ethics are essential for the sustainability of the organizati on in long run. Most importantly business ethics set a benchmark for the company to provide its services within the stipulated area. Somewhere between professional and ethical code there is a necessity to follow fair rules and regulations. Professional misconduct may lead to discrepancy which will affect the working of the organization. It is a new age concept to manage the rights and build an atmosphere which will affect the working of the organization (Monks and Minow, 2008). Good corporate governance ensures long term growth. . Corporate governance has a potential for high growth as compare to those organization which are not following corporate governance. Large organization has understood that in a long run the most important aspect is to look forward into the average profits rather than focusing on high profits. The importance of business ethics arises as people are more concerned of individual benefit rather than focusing on ethical values. It is very much essential to shift peoples interest towards the ethical aspect rather than focusing on the individual and organizational profits (The Importance of Business Ethics, 2009-15). For overall sustainability of the organization it is important to focus on the ethical nature of the organization rather than focusing on the individual interest. In modern organization sustainability is given more importance. Sustainability arises due to general awareness. Government has understood the importance of the ethic al code of conduct. Business ethics are also importance for reducing the overall cost and risk. A highly ethical organization will spend less on the overall protection and this will probably work in effective business organization. This provides overall motivation to the organization and helps in maintaining high standards. (The Importance of Business Ethics, 2009-15) More than half of the companies which prepares sustainability report has developed a statement on corporate governance. Many companies do not notify the relationship in between the sustainability and corporate governance. Corporate governance report is equally important to the financial report. But they are related with accountability and transparency. Corporate governance is incorporated in the annual report of the company. The sustainable development report has gained importance due to focusing on the overall competency of the company (Kolk, 2008). (For example, Telecom Italia) Modern management theories are contracted by broken method which separates human from the nature. The various organizational theories are classical theory, neo classical theory, system theory, contingency theory, and interaction and post modern approaches. Ethical theory plays a key role while following the sustainability in an organization. Ethics play a key role while dealing with the outside world it is the necessity of the organization to maintain coordination in between the society and its internal management (Miles, 2012). Internal management need to focus upon the development of the organization which can only be ensured upon sustainability. An organization can work on a long run if it follows the sustainability model. In a long run ethics play a key role there are various stakeholder whose interest resides with the interest of the company. It is very much important to focus on relevant organizational theory while focusing at various models which are essential for the organiza tion. In long run stakeholders are important to the organization while building good relationship. The importance of corporate governance is increasing due to high rates of discrepancies occurring in the business. It is the global necessity in order to focus on the growing concept of sustainability. No organization can perform well if it doesnt have proper sustainability structure (Hatch and Cunliffe, 2013). The real forces which governing the ethical behavior are the organizational theory of sustainability which means if a organization wants to sustain for the long run it is necessary to develop a strong model which focuses on the ethics and values. Corporate governance and sustainability has gained importance in the recent era due to various issues seen in the recent years. It is necessary to focus on the concept of sustainability if the organization wants to survive it need to follow the sustainability model. Due to current insurgency and recent changes in the business environment the corporate governance is earning more importance apart. In a modern organization which has much complexity sustainability has derived a huge importance. The world needs to understand the importance of the business ethics in regular practice. Sustainability and ethical theory need to be practiced while managing the modern organization. Modern organizations are based on sustainability. They can only survive in this competitive world by following corporate governance. References Aras, G.2016. A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility. CRC Press Becker, C.2011. Sustainability Ethics and Sustainability Research. Springer Science Business Media Calder, A.2008, Corporate Governance: A Practical Guide to the Legal Frameworks and International Codes of Practice. Kogan Page Publishers Hatch, M. and Cunliffe, A.2013. Organization Theory: Modern, Symbolic and Postmodern Perspectives. OUP Oxford Kolk, A.2008. Sustainability, accountability and corporate governance: Exploring Miles, J.2012. Management and Organization Theory. John Wiley Sons Monks, R. and Minow, N.2008. Corporate Governance.US: John Wiley Sons Multinationals' reporting practices. Business Strategy and the Environment Volume 17, Issue 1, Pages 115. Rule 1: The Importance of Business Ethics.2009-15. (Online) Available on: https://www.applied-corporate-governance.com/importance-of-business-ethics.html (Accessed on 9 September 2016). Shaw, W.2016. Business Ethics.US: Cengage Learning Sunday, N.2012. Organizational Theory Practice: Management made simple. GRIN Verlag

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What is society an Example by

What is society Introduction Society, in sociology, is a group composed of men, women, and children that has established patterns of cooperation by means of which its members are able to survive and reproduce. In its simplest form the group provides its members with protection so that infants can grow to adulthood and breed a new generation. In more complex forms o society assumes the responsibility of providing its members with a great variety of their needs. Need essay sample on "What is society" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed There are many different kinds of human society and many different kinds of human society and many examples of each kind. Each consists of a group of persons who live more or less together in a certain place, such as a continent, country, region, or island. In order for such a group to be identified as a society, it must be organized to continue through succeeding generations, its members must be dependent on one another, and it must be able to exist independently of other groups. The study of man and his social institutions (systems of procedures and the establishments that observe them) is sociology. The people in each society develop their own culture, or ways of acting, thinking, and feeling, which is one of the areas of study in anthropology (see Daley, N.K., and T.R. Shannon. The American Social Structure (Kendall-Hunt, 2001). Kinds of Societies Societies may be distinguished by size and complexity. A large-scale society, such as the United States or the Soviet Union, is made up of a large population bound together by intricate networks of communication and transportation. Each person in the society has the opportunity to have numerous social relations with other persons, many of whom he sees infrequently or only in specific situations. A small-scale society is made up of a scattered or small population, living generally in an isolated area such as a desert or an island. The social relations of an individual are largely confined to the relatively few persons whom he sees everyday (see Goodman, Norman, and Gary Marx. Society Today, 7th edition (Random House, 1999). There are several special types of small-scale societies. A segmentary society has a relatively large population, but it is divided into segments, or smaller groups, such as tribes. The Navajo Indians, with several tribal units making up one common society, are an example. A village society consists of the residents of a small community which, because of isolation and self0sufficient, is nearly free from outside influences. Such isolated villages may exist even within a large0scale society. Mountain villages often exemplify this type o small-scale society (see Goodman, Norman, and Gary Marx. Society Today, 7th edition (Random House, 1999). A society may also be classified according to its cultural pattern; a society, for example, may refer to as primitive, rural, urban, or technological. Other classifications are by geographical area, such as a Latin American or Polynesian society; and by cultural-ethnic identity, such as an Arab or Bushman society (see Daley, N.K., and T.R. Shannon. The American Social Structure (Kendall-Hunt, 2001). Function of Society The primary functions of a society are divided by most sociologists into five basic areas of established group procedure, called institutions. The society provides for the food, shelter, and clothing of its members through the economy. The family functions to ensure the care and feeling of children. Knowledge and learning in a society are acquired through education. The political institution is the means of maintaining order and protecting the society from enemies. Finally, mans place in the universe is interpreted by religion (see Pasternak, Burton. Introduction to Kinship and Social Organization (Prentice-Hall, 2002). Conclusion Members within a society are organized informally or formally into different kinds of groups and subgroups, some of which correspond to the various social institutions. An informal grouping is one that creates itself more or less spontaneously and whose structure is not deliberately planned but merely evolves. The family is one example of such a grouping. Other informal groupings can be related to such areas as ones occupation (a group of workers who have coffee together each morning), age (a group of children who frequently spend time together in unorganized play), or leisure-time interests (a hunting party). Formal groupings are those deliberately created for a purpose and given a formal structure. Armies, government organizations and religious bodies are such groupings. In more complex societies formal groupings include voluntary associations formed by the members for a variety of purposes, especially the use of leisure time or the pursuit of shared special interests. The rank of an individual in his society is determined by statusa persons power within a given institution or sector of society. For example, earning an advanced degree gains an individual higher status in the educational field, while being unemployed gives him negative status in the economic sector. A negative status such as unemployment is called stigma. A persons overall rank is determined by the societys evaluation of positive and negative statuses. Status inconsistency occurs when a person has high status in one area and low status in another. For example, a clergyman may have high job prestige but a low income Pasternak, Burton. Introduction to Kinship and Social Organization (Prentice-Hall, 2002). The various statuses may be either ascribed or achieved. An ascribed status derives from birth. For example, a hereditary ruler has high ascribed political status. Political status may also be achieved, by election or other means of elevation to high public office. References: Daley, N.K., and T.R. Shannon. The American Social Structure (Kendall-Hunt, 2001). Goodman, Norman, and Gary Marx. Society Today, 7th edition (Random House, 1999. Pasternak, Burton. Introduction to Kinship and Social Organization (Prentice-Hall, 2002).